Getting Started with Direct Mail Fundraising

Getting started with direct mail fundraising is easy. At APG we are dedicated to helping you create a successful and stress-free direct mail campaign.

From beginning to end we will guide you through the process whether you are new to appeals or an experienced pro. Below is a list of essentials that all non-profit mailing projects will need.

What you Need

USPS Non Profit Authorization

Get the best postage rates available and increase your ROI


Form ps3624


Four Stages of an appeal

  • Planning - have a plan in writing
  • Design & Data - get the right message to the right people
  • Execution - get it done
  • Acknowledgement and Analysis - Send Thank you's and review your KPI's


Appeal Planner


High quality data yields a better ROI

  • Use a CRM
  • Build your donor persona and know their history
  • Allow for segmentation for personalized correspondence
  • Gather and record data with every interaction
  • Use your data to identify donor characteristics to improve your prospecting




Design it yourself or have APG do it for you.

  • Download PDF templates as guides
  • Design online using premade templates
  • Follow design best practices to increase open rates
  • Use taglines and impactful images




Use your own words

  • Follow best practices for your letter
  • Craft a compelling message
  • Tell a story
  • Involve the reader
  • Proofread


Copy Writing

Ready to Start

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