Follow Data Best Practices

Document your policies, procedures and rules. Make this document known and available to everyone performing data entry. This is the best place to start to ensure the information you collect is recorded properly.

Data Best Practices

Create a Donor Management Guide

Formatting Standards

Create data entry standards to ensure all your formatting is consistent.

  • Proper Case Structure - Title Case, Upper Case, Lower Case
  • Formal Name (Addressee) and Informal Name (Salutation)
  • Title/Prefix (Mr. Mrs. Ms.)
  • Address Structure and Abbreviations
  • Phone Numbers

Allow flexibility for the inevitable unique situation.

Examples of Name Variations

APG Fields


Create data fields that identify who your donors are.

  • Birthday
  • Marital Status
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Education
  • Anything to help you

Use this information to create personalized campaigns and for improved acquisition efforts.

Custom Persona Fields

Persona Fields


Don't waste marketing dollars, make sure to remove any duplicates.

Have a policy for handling combined households (Spouses/Partners). Utilize the NCOA move updated report you recieve each time you mail to update your records. APPEALPRINTING runs NCOA move updates and returns those results to you after every mailing.

Sample NCOA Report

NCOA Sample Report

Document Touch Points

Log as many interactions as you can with your donors and prospects.

  • Donations Recieved
  • Campaign Outreach
  • Web Site Visits
  • Social Media Engagement

Knowing how and when your donors and prospects engage with you provides valuable insight to create highly targeted campaigns.

Example of Donation History

APG Fields

APG List and Data Services

APG offers complete data and list service to handle all of your organizations needs.

Data Services

APG can help with all your data needs.

  • Data Cleansing
  • Donor Profiles
  • Segmentation
  • Data Mining  & Migration

List Services

APG can help create donor personas and provide lists that are tailored to your needs.

  • Targeted Acquisition Lists 
  • Mapping & Suppression
  • Email Lists

Keep Your Valuable Data Clean

APPEALPRINTING offers complete data services to help you keep your donor information up to date. Quality Data Saves Time and Money. Quality Data Avoids Embarrassing Mistakes.

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