Segment your list and Increase Your ROI

Relate to your donors with effective and tailored messages.

Segmentation is proven to increase response rates. APG will help you start easy and build up over time until you are a master.

Getting Started with Segmentation

3 Easy Segments for Your House List

Current Donors

Donated in the last 24 months.

Lapsed Donors

Have not donated in the last 24 months.


Have not given yet but support your cause.

What do you need to do?

List Preparation

Segmentation lists can be provided to APG in two different ways:

Three lists, one for each segment. Each needs to be named appropriately, and all field titles must match.

A single list. It must include a segmentation field with an easy-to-understand designation for each segment. Example values include CD (Current Donor), LD (Lapsed Donor, and ND (Non Donor).


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Copy Preparation

Tailor your message to your donors.

Remember: the entire appeal does not need to be rewritten. Changing one or more key sentence(s) or paragraphs is often all it takes to adapt your message.

A unique letter may be written for each segment for further customization. It is up to your organization to determine the best way to communicate your message.


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Artwork Preparation

Word Documents - APG can create your layout if supplied Word documents with a separate letter for each segment.

Adobe InDesign files - Supply either three separate files or, preferably, a single file containing all letter segments. If, for example, you are using 3 segments, a one-sided appeal needs 3 total pages; a two-sided appeal would need 6 pages.


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